Two dykes, a zine and a U-Haul is definitely a recipe for misadventure. What began as a sordid love affair with an illicit copy machine has blossomed into a West Coast parade of mishap and pitfall, with an oddly named zine selling wildly along the way. Sort of.

My girlfriend Alexis (comix mistress extraordinaire) and myself (Raven, would-be philosopher) met in S.F. one drastically life-altering day last June—for the full story you’ll have to buy our zine. She was slated to move to Seattle in one week, while I had plans to move to Ohio in a month to finish college. After an insane change of plans that almost made my hair fall out, we whipped together a zine which illustrated the impossibility of our adventures, and then moved to Seattle.

The zine was called Penguins and Alligators—a reference to my two favorite animals: myself and my ideal mate, someone once told me. The name turned out to be a little unwieldy, so in print I begun shortening it to P and A. Wait, we now had a zine named Panda!

A few months in Seattle was all it took for this California dyke to realize that gloomy and gray Seattle just wasn't cutting it. We’re moving back to Cali (yes, U-Haul, here we come again) but this time we’ve got our very own site to come home to. We’ll be doing web design and other print projects as well as zine stuff, so be sure to check out our whole site when it’s up and running. Until then, you can email us at or write us at the address below.

 Panda Zine, 5337 College Ave #114, Oakland Ca, 94618